Finally, Google doc support Safari browser. So I have banished from my Dock.

I think that how many icons you have in your Dock is that how much you are interesting in Web 2.0. We usually say “Dondakeee! Nee ten Zero” in Japanese. 🙂

Actually, I know so much about these sort of things, but the Dock settles the matters in fewer icons setting.

I wish I can use this web application in place of to writing a program and Adobe release Photoshop Express for web developers.

the first prize in the Saturday Tournament

I won the first prize in the Saturday Tournament that Michy, one of the world-class backgammon player, is held on the GamesGrid.

I am happy, very happy, for my wife and for my baby to whom I dedicate this triumph.

To tell the truth, I won the same online tournament, the Special Event held at New Year’s, and got the one-year membership of GamesGrid. This may have been the most charmed year of my life.